If you are booking a hotel for conferences and/or events, you must first do your due diligence to ensure that you have obtained the best venue.

Some of the things to consider in this regard include the following:


The hotel should be located in a place that is easily accessible to the greatest number of people. Participants who are coming to the event must be able to find the hotel easily and without difficulty.

The location should also be safe enough so that participants do not have to fear for their safety. Remember: if participants are not satisfied, they will grumble about it for months to come.

Facilities and Amenities

Before you book a hotel, you need to find out if it has all the facilities and amenities that you will need to hold your event or conference.

If possible, make a point of visiting the hotel in advance and checking to see that it has all necessary facilities like projectors, sound systems, etc.

You should also check for other important amenities, like a stable internet connection.


Always go through the costs of the event to see that it fits your budget. As good practice, you should compare and contrast hotel prices to ensure you get the best deal.

Make sure you have a budget plan and find a hotel that is appropriate to it. Some hotels are always open to giving discounts, especially if your event/conference will have many people in attendance.


Do not ignore the reviews that other people have written about the hotel you plan to book. The reviews always give you a guide as to what to expect when you go to the hotel.

Avoid booking a hotel that has many negative reviews, since you will be running the risk of exposing event participants to a less-than-satisfactory experience.