Hotels are good venues for holding conferences and events. It is, however, important to ensure that they have the right facilities and amenities so that all those attending will have the best possible experience.

Some of the basic facilities and amenities all good hotels should have include:

A Projector

A projector allows speakers to give presentations and slide shows. This piece of equipment is important for conferences or any event that features a speaker who needs to communicate to a large group.

Most hotels have conference rooms that have projectors and a screen where presentations can be shown.


Imagine many people stuck in a room, and there is no air-conditioning. This can be very frustrating, and some of the people attending might even be forced to leave.

For this reason, any hotel that plans to host a conference or event should ensure that all rooms are fitted with fully functioning AC units. Rooms should also be thoroughly cleaned in advance of the event.

A Sound System

A good conference room has a good sound system. They should also have microphones that allow all attendees to fully participate.

What’s more, they should have amplifiers so that everyone in the room can hear what is being said by the presenter.

Dining Facilities

The food that is served during an event or conference can make a big difference. For this reason, it is important to see the menu beforehand.

A good hotel should have a variety of food and drink for people with different preferences. Dining facilities should be located within the hotel so that diners do not have to walk long distances.

Leisure Facilities

Facilities like gyms and saunas go a long way in making guests’ stays easier, especially when they are holding residential events at which attendees often book rooms at the hotel.