If you are booking your hotel, you should always inquire if they have all the amenities you need. Some basics, such as hygiene products should be a given. Some hotels do not guarantee amenities like the internet, so you should be very definite when booking, and ask them if the hotel has access to the internet. There are some that will tell you that you will have to pay, so you should factor that in when calculating the cost of the hotel. Some of the reasons why you should have the internet are as follows.


There will be moments when you will need to entertain yourself. You can either watch a movie, listen to music or play on online casino sites such as bitstarz-online.com and other highly rated sites. Without the internet, you will not be able to find the entertainment you prefer. This can be very frustrating, especially on days when you just want to take a rest, stay in your hotel room and have some time relaxing and engaging in fun activities online.

Check the Weather

The process of booking for your travel is always complicated. In most cases, it involves identifying a good travel destination, making a booking, and then planning the activities to do. You can imagine what would happen if you had expected to go for a hike only to realise that it is raining heavily. If you have your phone with you, you can download an app or check out websites that give weather updates.

Photos and Videos

Travelling is about immortalising the moments. There is no better way of doing that than taking good photos and videos of the place where you have visited. If you have a good phone, you do not have to get a camera to do it. In fact, you can snap the photos or make a recording and upload it on your social media within a few minutes.