There are many types of dining and meal packages that you can find in hotels. The choice is generally determined by people’s personal preferences, budgets, and the availability of some food types.

Types of Dining and Meal Packages

  • All-Inclusive: This is one of the most common kinds of dining. As the name suggests, this is when meals are included in the overall package. In this case, the hotel provides three basic meals (lunch, breakfast, and supper), although some also offer snacks in between. This is the preferred choice for people attending events like conferences. Some hotels serve alcoholic drinks.
  • Ultra All-Inclusive: This is an improved form of the ‘all-inclusive’ package. The ‘ultra all-inclusive’ menu features a wide range of alcoholic beverages. There are some hotels that even provide extras, like massages and complimentary items.
  • Bed Only: As the name implies, this is when you are paying for a ‘bed only,’ and the only thing you can get in the form of a meal are complimentary drinks, like coffee in the room. It is the preferred option for tourists who want to do lots of sightseeing and/or are on a tight budget.
  • Bed and Breakfast: In this option, guests get breakfast as the only meal. It is for people who want to explore a certain location and may not be able to come back to the hotel to eat meals later in the day. Breakfast is always included on the bill at these hotels.
  • Half-Board: Half-board is when the hotel provides both breakfast and dinner. Guests are generally expected to sort out their own lunches.
  • Self-Catering: With a self-catering option, meals are not provided, but guests are given the opportunity to cook for themselves. It is a good option for those with restricted diets who may not be able to eat what is on the hotel menu.